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Clif-Twang Deny Baby Mama Drama, Talks Recording New Song

Clif-Twang did not quit his day job and he might have made the best decision of his life.

Jamaica’s first Youtube sensation Clifton ‘Clif-Twang’ Brown is calling out the media for trying to “Dirty Up” his career.

Earlier this month news broke that Clif-Twang baby mother is taking him to court for child support. But in a recent interview with Anthony Miller of ER, Twang said nothing like that.

“The child support was for the family, so I don’t know where the star get those rumors from,” Clif-Twang said. “They trying to dirty up my career.”


“Right now if I reach a position where I can buy ham, steak and turkey neck for dinner, why would I run away from feeding my kids,” Clif-Twang question. “My wife never work from the day I married her.. I married her for 5 years.”

Clif-Twang, who made his debut on Reggae Sumfest with Beenie Man, said he is recording a new song to release soon.

Definitely should not quit his day job just yet.

Watch video below