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Chase Cross: “Mi Naan Tek Back Wha Mi Seh, Mi Naan Apologize” [Video]

Gullyside deejay Chase Cross is defending his stand in the unexpected feud between the Alliance and Gully.

According to the deejay/rapper, who is also the cousin of Mavado, he is not taking back his lyrics or making any apology because he is not the first to draw blood.

In a recent interview with Emix on the Gullyside, Chase Cross said, “mi naan tek back wha mi seh inna di song and mi naan apologize,” Cross said. “We never do yo nutten wrong, a you start draw allegations pon we and go round and disrespect we.”

Do you think the Alliance and Gullyside leadership are lacking in this feud? Comments below.

Watch full interview below.


  1. Waste cross bounty ah his elder don’t bite the hands that feed you,

  2. Two words