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Baby Mama Drama: Clif-Twang Arrested For Child Support

Jamaican Youtube sensation Clifton “Clif-Twang” Brown was arrested last week following a summons to court for child support.

According to the summons, Brown has not been paying child maintenance to his baby mother. The entertainer, known for his famous Twanging, had his bail extended until August 23 when he will report to court.

Brown have since denied the allegations.

Two months, ago Brown became an instant Youtube sensation after his Canna Cross It video rocked up millions of views. The success landed him endorsements from corporate companies such as LIME.

Watch Clif-Twang “Canna Cross It” video below.


  1. Aldrey Ikan Francis

    lol…….a joke dis.

  2. lol canna cross it.

  3. DWRCL………………I only hope him pickney nuh chat like him.

  4. The bus cannot swim, pay your child support.