Black Mattic Revealed Artwork For “Kingston 11” Mixtape

The highly anticipated street Mixtape “Kingston 11” album cover as been officially released to the public. Dancehall artiste Black Mattic and Official Hitz Entertainment producer Tray teamed up for the first time since the classical release of the “Hot Grabba” album.

The “Girls Anthem” ambassador is planning to have his new Mixtape cooked up and prepared for late August of 2011.

“Kingston 11” is set to target the “so call” ghetto urban regions, and to show the similarities of Kingston and other urban areas across the globe. K 11 Mixtape will be distributed freely throughout the streets and will also have a free download link for online users. The mix-tape will then be available on iTunes in January of 2012.

The cover was designed by New York’s designer Paulina Niewinska who has been working consecutively around the clock with the Jamaican superstar on various projects. The official release date for K 11 is still unknown.