V-Nasty Explains Her Use Of The N-Word, “Is It A F*cking Race?” [Video]

Hip Hop newcomer Kreayshawn’s White Girl Mob member V-Nasty refuses is speaking out on the controversy behind her use of the “N-word.”

V-Nasty told her critics to loosen up and focus on the music, in a video release online.

“On some real n*gga sh*t — how I really feel about these motherf*ckers talking about, ‘Why is V-Nasty saying the N-word?’ you motherf*ckers have never walked in my shoes, bruh … Is it a f*cking race? — Am I offending people or using it in a disrespectful type of way? Y’all mad at that? Y’all need to be mad at this album I’m about to drop on y’all a**. You f*ckin’ haters — don’t be mad at me just because I’m doing me.” (Visual Poetry)

Watch video below

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  1. her music is terrible. her voice irks me.

  2. She sounds like an idiot.

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