Mr. Lexx Diss Bounty Killer Again, “He’s Ignorant And Dunce” [Video]

Dancehall star Mr. Lexx is calling out veterans in dancehall including nemesis Bounty Killer and former Shocking Vibes Beenie Man for not bringing dancehall further.

In a recent interview with ER, Lexx made reference to Bounty Killer’s 1990s hit collaboration with No Doubt and Beenie Man collaboration with Janet Jackson.

“Bounty Killer for example who did a song with No Doubt the biggest song of his career, but because he is an ignorant and because he is a dunce, the video came out and there is a naked dude in it so he follow the illiteracy of the Jamaican corner people dem and go at the people dem for no reason,” Lexx told Anthony Miller.

“How can you make a song with Janet Jackson and don’t sell,” Lexx said about Beenie Man.

Watch interview below.