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Did Khago Take A Jab At I-Octane In “Wey Dem Sey” [Audio]

Fast rising reggae/dancehall star Khago is coming under scrutiny from avid fans of I-Octane after the release of his latest track “Wey Dem A Sey.”

An ananymous Octane fan send Urban Islandz the track, claiming Khago is taking shots at the “Wash Nuh Bwoy Cloth” deejay.

“Man straight like 12 o’clock and a lot over, man nuh wear anklet dat a fi drova, a mussi WASHING MACHINE dem a cuss ova, like gal dem war ova,” said Khago in the gritty track.

“Mi locks real mi nuh wear fusion, mi nuh join the dreadlocks confusion, dem a seh dem a di realest, dem a di realest inna disillusion,” he said in another verse.

Earlier this year it was rumored that Octane and Khago was beefing after Octane dropped an alleged diss track aimed at the “Nah Sell Out” deejay.

Both deejays are yet to comment on the alleged beef.

Listen Khago “Wey Dem Sey” below.


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