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Shots Fired: Andrew And Wada Blood Drop Aidonia Diss Track [Audio]

Dancehall brothers Andrew and Wada Blood are certainly not afraid to take on the big guns in dancehall, whether it be Bounty or Kartel.

The duo drop a new diss track earlier this week aimed at JOP head Aidonia. The track was brought to Urban Islandz attention by an avid fan of Donia who said he thinks the track is “sick.”

The track start with an Aidonia intro saying “head shot run more blood than wada.”

“Bwoy go breed a gyal, yo no si oil a mad yo, yo no stop pre man yo lickle f*g yo,” the duo deejay. “everyday yo get up a throw word pon adi adi adi, all now yo cyan mek a pickney call yo dady.”

Listen full track below.

[audio:|titles=WADA BLOOD – BREED A GAL – ((((AIDONIA DISS)))) – JULY 2011]


  1. Yuh cyaa dis sumbwoy jus because yuh old and expecting no counteraction…………