Jamaican Youtube Sensation Cliftwang Hit A Million Views

“Tek bad things mek joke” is a popular phrase in Jamaica and the remix video that features Clifton “Cliftwang” Brown “Nobody Canna Cross It” is a perfect example of the meaning.

Youtube have the power to breed stars and Cliftwang could be the first Jamaican Youtube sensatiom to garner international attention with the video going viral, surpasing the 1 million views milestone in just a month.

The video, mixed by DJ Powa, earned Clifton Brown a nickname, several interviews and endorsement deals with corporate Jamaica. Cliftwang’s “Nobody Canna Cross It” can be heard playing at street dance, clubs and even as ringtones.

The video features Cliftwang passionately twanging about the situation faced by his Yallahs community in the rainy season.

Peep the video below.