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Spice Ft. Missy Elliott “Fun” Remix [Video]

Iconic female rapper Missy Elliot drop a couple lines to the remix of Spice soultry hit single “Fun.”

The “Ramping Shop” deejay said she was caught by surprise when Missy Elliot jumped on the track. “One day my manager played the song for me and I didn’t know about the remix and when I heard Missy on it, I was over the roof. Missy ripped it up. The beat is a dancehall beat, its not trying to be hip-hop and she did well on it,” Spice said.

Spice, who performed at Missy Elliot birthday party in Miami, said she has already done a video for the song before the remix. She said the hook up came about as a result of her management team making a link with Elliot’s people.

“I did the song Fun on Equiknoxx’s ‘Washbelly’ rhythm and my new management team Movers and Shakers they heard it and really liked it. They have a relationship with Mona Scott-Young (owner of Monami Entertainment, co-owner and president of Violator Management who represents Missy Elliott, 50 Cent and Busta Rhymes). My management sent the song to Mona who played it for Missy and she jumped on the track and sent it back to us.”

Watch the unofficial video for “Fun” remix below.