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Khristopher Drops “Do Whatever” Music Video

Jamaican vocalist Khristopher, has managed to create a buzz for himself with his latest pop single titled “Do Whatever” on various radio stations recently.

Produced by Andr√© “Dretegs” Hawthorne on the Fifth Element Records label, the track has an uptempo vibe with a catchy hook and a melodious flow. It is a Dancehall/Reggae track but with a crossover appeal for both lovers of Pop and R&B. Several music industry insiders have elatedly expressed their delight at this track, suggesting that it is a great follow up to his previous single “Heartbeat Away”, an R&B style track.

With all the rave reviews and the confidence received from his team, Khristopher had decided to shoot a video. After a long spell of not doing any music videos, it was definitely the right time to once again put visuals to this silky voice, in order to better portray the mood he was in while writing the song. It’s a party song, especially for the ladies, and Khristopher felt the urge to convey his feelings to his fans by doing this video.

While he does have the looks his female audience loves, Khristopher is not just about his image but also about his talent. However, teaming up with Deus Beni was more than the obvious choice, as under Beni’s direction, he was able to infuse both image and talent and bringing it to life.

The video, shot on location in New York on one night, is clean and crisp, with an on-point depiction of what the lyrics of the song is all about. Bright colors, big stage lights and beautiful women are seen throughout the video. The females are sexually clad without being raunchy and are always dancing to the rhythmic tune, as Khristopher performs on stage, instructing them to “Do Whatever” they like. And they sure did!

Great visuals throughout. Director Deus Beni did a marvelous job at the editing, skillfully navigating from one scene to the next. The storyline moves from Khristopher in the recording studio, dreaming of a hot girl who then comes to life. After which, he is on stage performing with a band and even having females dancing with him. A few solo scenes were given to some of the dancers, showing that they are willing to “Do Whatever” Khristopher says. A simple theme but professionally done.

DJ Blazer, who was featured on the track, did his part well by encouraging the females even more to “Do Whatever” on the dance floor. With the designing, clothing and make-up by Niki Chin Designs, the styling helped to coordinate the video and brought it all together. Cameo appearances from Reggae artist Ky-enie and musician Dretegs, who also produced the track, finalised what turned out to be well appreciated support.

Khristopher hopes that with this video, he’ll be better able to show his talent. This is just the beginning of what is to come from this artist as he hopes to shoot other videos soon. For now though, just “Do Whatever”!