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Corey Todd Talks Vision For Dancehall, Quad, Life Pre Vybz Kartel [Video]

In four years since Corey Todd venture into Jamaica music business he is already a dancehall titan. This proves how lucrative the Jamaican music industry is if you have the right vision and access to funding.

In his recent interview with Winfred Williams of Onstage, Todd says his vision for dancehall music span far beyond rum and night club.

“I want to use the funds from these products and fund a real dancehall industry,” Todd laments. “When I sign an artist he gets videos for MTV and BET, money for radio… I want to take dancehall to where hip hop was 20 years ago.”

Todd also discuss remodeling the Quad night club, possible working with Ne-Yo and life pre Vybz Kartel.

Watch full interview below.