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Big Sean To Release New Mixtape Before Debut Album [Video]

Detroit emcee Big Sean is planning to drop a Mixtape just before he release his album “Finally Famous” due in stores June 28th.

In a recent interview with XXL, Big Sean said the mixtape will comprise of songs he can’t get to put on the album.

“We might do a little something strictly for the fans. For the people who’ve been riding with me. I hate to be confined to like putting 10 or 11 songs on the album. So I’m just trying to flood the market. I’m trying to do it big.”

He added, “There’s a lot of songs that couldn’t make the album, there’s a lot of songs that couldn’t get sample clearances and sh*t like that,” he said. “I was really pissed off about it. A lot of people couldn’t be on the album. I’m going to do something special for the people, man, it is what it is.”

Watch the interview below.