Fans Weighs In On Jah Vinci Leaving The Empire

The most talked about topic in dancehall over the last couple days is Jah Vinci leaving the Portmore Empire and severing ties with his former mentor Vybz Kartel.

Vinci made his departure public a week ago and attribute his decision on a stifling environment within the Gaza. Urban Islandz ask fans on Twitter and Facebook what are their thoughts on the move. These are some responses:

“jah vinci you’re d best deejay” (Facebook)

“Jah Vinci made the best move of his career, he should make a link with the Alliance where real talent excel.” (Twitter)

“Apart from Vybz Kartel Jah Vinci was the best artist in the Empire, but yet he was being stifle.” (Twitter)

“God bless Jah Vinci wid talent and the gaza clown badmind di yute.” (Facebook)

“I don’t even know why was Jah Vinci part of the Gayza to begin with, him should have left long time like Ryno.” (Twitter)

These were some of the hundreds of replies from fans weighing in on Jah Vinci officially leaving the Gaza. Since his departure Jah Vinci has release a couple singles that are already getting airplay on radios locally in Jamaica and overseas.

Peep Jah Vinci “In My Life” below.

Whats your thoughts on Jah Vinci leaving the Portmore Empire?

More Jah Vinci below.