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Jah Vinci “In My Life” Talks Life In The Gaza [Video]

Former Portmore Empire artist Jah Vinci release a new single that speaks volume to the life he endure while being a member of the Gaza.

The Notnice produced track was release the day after Jah Vinci announced his departure from the Vybz Kartel lead Portmore Empire.

“Smile, you don’t know what is inside, a lot of pain wi a hide but we still hold the pri eye,” Jah Vinci sings in the intro.

In the first verse the Jah Vinci said, “How mi fi name Jah Vinci and mi mother still poor, cyan tek di dutty living no more, nuff time mi sing to the fans till mi throat get sore, and mi don’t know if the food is sure, dem want mi fi smile and pretend when a nuff mi endure, and mi a search inna mi pocket dem bore.”

Peep the track below.

Do you think Jah Vinci should leave Portmore Empire?

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