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Video: Ras Tewelde “One Way Ticket” To Ethiopia

Italian reggae star Ras Tewelde release a video for his single “One Way Ticket.”

The Italian born reggae singer told Urban Islandz that “One Way Ticket preview his life in Ethiopia and Jamaica over the last year.

“‘One Way Ticket’ is a journey through Ras Tewelde’s life in Ethiopia and Jamaica in the past years. Moments of life and fragments of reality which are recorded by the singer himself alternating with images of fiction, shot in the Ethiopian Airlines office in Rome by the video-maker Mirko Virgili.”

Tewelde said Rastas is symbolic to Ethiopians in race, skin color or nationality.

“The message is clear from the first scene: Rastas have to be considered Ethiopians, regardless of nationality, race or skin color. So they should not be required any visa to enter Ethiopia, land of their father, Haile Selassie I.”

Tewelde added, “Here the concept of ‘one-way ticket’ to Mamaland can be considered as much broader and deeper: Ethiopia becomes the symbolic space where every human being finds peace and serenity, that Zion that each of us is in search of, every day and in different ways and places.”

Watch the video below.