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Beenie Man Talks Surgery, Counteracting Bounty Killer [Video]

Dancehall veteran deejay Beenie Man and Bounty Killer new beef is all a way to keep both artists relevant, according to the deejay.

Beenie recently sat down with Anthony Miller of ER and discussed his recent hip surgery, relationship with Bounty Killer and Shabba Ranks new track.

“Mi and him a friend now a mi bredren zeen, and him si mi and seh mi need fi counteract di song,” Beenie said.

Peep full interview below.


  1. Falmouth Photos

    If Beenie counteract Bounty’s song, it might go too far as it always does, then they fall out again. how many times has this happened? Too often. Bounty or Beenie need to realize they are not kids anymore.