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Chino Prep Album Release With Teaser [Video]

Urban Islandz NEWS: Big Ship’s deejay Chino McGregor is prepping fans for the release of his highly anticipated self titled album “Chino.”

“Chino” the album is schedule to hit stores on May 24th. The album is produced by Stephen “Di Genius” Mcgregor, who is Chino’s younger brother. DI Genius produce hit songs for the likes of Mavado, Sean Paul, Vybz Kartel and Beenie Man.

With a release date set for next month, Chino is looking to make a breakthrough in the United States music market similar to his success in the Japanese market last year, but the album will be available in Jamaica, across the Caribbean, Canada, Europe and on iTunes.

Weighing in on the album, Chino said he is releasing a rounded album with songs for everyone.

“We put a lot of work into the production and I think that will show. I really wanted to put my best foot forward to enter the US market. Opportunities for reggae and dancehall are limited in the mainstream market as it is, so why not try to enter the scene with well-produced tracks, melodies and well-written lyrics? There is something for everyone on this album. It’s not catering for one audience or one market, so we kept that in mind while working on the album. I want persons even outside of the US, like Europe, and even the Caribbean to have something on it they could identify with. So everything is there: from one-drop reggae, to rock, jazz, dancehall. There’s a full range.”

Peep a preview of the album below.