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Homosexual Jamaicans Finding Refuge In NYC [Video]

Urban Islandz NEWS: An increasing number of gay and lesbian Jamaicans are finding refuge in New York after claims being persecuted back home.

According to a NY Daily report, of the 105 gay and lesbian immigrants who won asylum in New York last year, Jamaicans made up nearly a third.

“Being in Jamaica and being gay is like, suicidal,” said Anthony, 30, a Crown Heights folk dancer who won asylum last month.

Anthony, who ask journalists to withhold his full name, said he left St. Catherine in 2008 after he was viciously attacked by men yelling “batty boy.”

Anthony told journalists that he woke up in the hospital with broken arms and cuts all over his body. He added that three police officers were in his room, and one said, “Oh, batty boy, you are getting what you deserve.”

Anthony went to New York on a tourist visa a month after the attack. He read about recent hate crimes here with worry, but not the same dread he felt in Jamaica.

“Being here, you know that if you call the cops and say ‘Someone beat me because I’m gay’ – they will come. That’s a big difference,” he said.

Yesterday reports surfaced that a gay man was attacked and badly beaten outside a McDonalds fast food restaurant in New York.

Peep video of that incident below.

Do you think gays should feel safer in NY than Jamaica?

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