Lyrics: Vybz Kartel Ft Sheba – Like Christmas

Artistes: Vybz Kartel and Sheba


When we a touch it comin like Christmas

it comin like Christmas

Verse One:

My honey bunch, my honey bunch (Sheba)

mek mi feel butterfly inna mi belly.

And don’t panic, don’t panic (Kartel)

me don’t waan lose yuh love like Titanic.

Everyday inna mi house rub me down, love me up (Sheba)

Mek yuh proud, a dat me sey (Kartel)

me nah mek yuh hold down yuh head.

A mussi Christmas, pass mi di gift nuh, (Sheba)

A mi f tell yuh it sweet like a Kisko.

Mi skin pretty so, gal buss a kiss nuh. (Kartel)

Mi will neva diss, if yuh gone so mi miss yuh.

Mi neva get a man weh mi waan keep so (Sheba)

Yuh nuh mean it, gwaan yuh a mix up (Kartel)

Come put a kiss pon mi neck wid yuh lips so (Sheba)

Come mek mi put it on baby (Kartel).


Mi know wha mek yuh love mi, (Sheba)

cause mi pretty and mi nice an mi lovely.

Don’t play wid mi heart and bruk it (Kartel)

Dis yah love tek off like rocket (Sheba)

Memba mi neva inna nutten wid yuh aunty (Kartel)

Mi believe yuh mi dear cause she ugly (Sheba)

But yuh have di ting weh a hold mi (Kartel)

Mi baby mi weak to yuh Addi (Sheba)

Mi love put it pon yuh (Kartel).


When we ah touch mi see sleet an snow (Sheba)

When we ah touch mi see brite peppa light (Kartel)

When we ah touch mi ah hear jingle bells (Sheba)

Jingle bells suh weh dat comin like (Kartel)

When we a touch it comin like Christmas

it comin like Christmas (x2)

Verse Two:

Mi see seh yuh love mi so (Kartel)

Mi love fi jus c**k up di dumpa truck (Sheba)

when yuh drive it out yuh look marvellous (Kartel)

Nuh matter how mi a get it mi nuh have enough (Sheba)

When yuh a tun it yuh a muscle up (Kartel)

Then if a BMW mi nuh muss do suh (Sheba)

To how yuh have di steering mi love yuh gal (Kartel)

an even if yuh crash mi love yuh gyal baby



Repeat Verse One



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