Lyrics: Spragga Benz ft. Marcia Griffths – No Way No How

Yea, dem a run right wid dis…
see dem fighting for position but,
di first shall be the last and di last shall be di first
and who shall bless dem a my curse yuh nuh,
a dem fi know dat,
red square tell dem dis…

No way no how…cant stop us now…
(dey cant stop, dey cant touch us, mi seh dat dey cant slap us) 2x
Now way no how… (watch ya, check it) cant stop us now…
(dey cant stop us, dey cant slap us, mi tell ya dey cant touch us)

Verse 1

ok, well try a dat dey a wanna try,
say and dat dey wanna sey,
nuttin dat dey do cant eva stop us no way,
no mek no sense dat we reply,
still dem ? anyweh
mi see seh dat wi meditation unno wan stray,
we goin tru da rigors and makin major figures,
nuh wan we get no bigger so dey wish a dem pray,
but jah jah protect i and i,
from up inna zionn-i,
fight till ya old and turn gray…


Verse 2

and it a kill dem fi see how we still a elevate,
and dem a watch and dem a look at how much inna we plate,
but dat a kill ya stop de grudge and di playa hate,
yuh cant be betta, we workin when dem a procrastinate,
and it a kill dem fi see dem how dem still a carry on,
and dem a watch up to wi foot we have a ballion,
and dem a dead because we treads a straight italian,
we a rally on,
with our brain just like a stallion…


And when mi tell dem dis, mi tell yuh dis,
Verse 1


Red square, alright,
Verse 2