Lyrics: Sean Paul – Turn Me On

Verse 1

Now me cyaa tell yuh which one me prefer
Jeans shorts or di leatha
Cah di gal dem ah carry dis natural treasure
Dat actual pleasure, cyaa price, nuh be measured
To a man nun ain’t betta dan a woman
So gimme di gal every minute, every hour
Cah di gal dem me wah dem fi climb up mi tower
Fat gal, slim gal, all a dem get me power
Cuz damn! I need de strength of a woman

Bridge (2x)

Me turn on di fire
And blaze it up higher
have ten million girls no stop perspire
Ah me greatest desire
Before me expire
To build me catalog and fill me empire


Me get nuff gal from de day me born
Hot girls dem jus a turn me on
Black, white and chiney gyal
Me nah lef out di indian
(Me tell yu dis)
Ah only di girls dem keep me calm
If a no di girls dem betta yu gwaan
Australian and japan
Me nah lef out me jamaican

Verse 2

Me nah lef a de gal dem
Bring dem come inna bungle
Put dem inna mi yard and make it turn inna jungle
Swing from limb to limb
Wi di gal dem a tumble
Hardcore cah nun badda dan a woman
Fi put on di tackle and turn on di chackle
Jah kno me nah go hackle
Inna di bedroom bakkle
Di gal dem love it when dem need dem start fi knuckle inna bed
Ain’t nun badda dan a woman