Lyrics: Chris Martin – Come Where You Going


Brown, black, white or Indian girls,

I wanna be your man anywhere that u are around dis world,

This is Mosiah Music,

And girls who got a sexy body move it, hey, my girl.

Chorus (X2)

Can I come where yuh goin?

Follow u … anywhere that u goin girl …

Lemme come where you goin,

Follow u anywhere that u going girl!

Verse 1:

So many different women I stand for,

N if I could have my way I’d have em all, yes I’d have em all,

Put dem all in line n have dem waitin on my call,

24 hrs in a day den a 24 girls before curtain call,

Girls with cute faces, bright eyes,

Neat likkle waist, fi mi grip dem thighs,

Nice ways, a brain my size,

Dem kinda girls fit di gallis right,

I had a dream these girls were chasing me,

Fighting each other for my company, das y!


Verse 2:

Sometimes I wish there were at least 2 of me,

So while I sleep the next one is continuously groovy,

Superhero of love pleasing these girls is ma duty,

I fly across the world for girls in need of my TLC,

They know I got what they want in there spot,

I’m hot so hot, burning up yow di place soon drop,

I got a ton a girls requesting me,

Some a dem cyaa wait so they be threatening me, but still!