Lyrics: I Octane – No More



dem dweet it again

dem dweet it again,

oh God.

Exile a sey a murda, murda

tyaad fi a wail,

tyaad fi a wail.

tyaad fi see mi fren dem blood splash inna di street.


Dats why mi dash weh mi black pants

dash weh mi black shoes,

dash weh mi black shirt.

Caw funeral I nah go no more,

funeral I nah go no more.

Dats why mi fling weh mi black pants,

fling weh mi black shoes,

fling weh mi black shirt.

caw funeral I nah go no more

bout mi a weep and a cry

no more.

Verse one:

Tyaad fi see church door a open and a close,

and mi know a nuh pray

man a pray inna dat.

Tyaad fi hear new coffin a buy

check it out a mi friend a lay down inna dat.

Oh God,

stray bullet from di Glock

lef mi friend dem modda decorate inna black.

And when yuh check it out

a him same friend dem partake inna dat.

Mi nah go a nine night beat no more drum,

no more fish and bread spill,

no more rum.

Dem kill pon di likkle ball ground

and see deh mi cyaan have no more fun.

Frass an dats why mi say dis,

Friend a kill friend fi di latest K-Swiss,

watch and anklet bracelet.

Rept. chorus

Verse two:

Frass mi nah cry no more,

My tears fi dry now man,

bout mi a cry till mi eye dem sore.

Fadda God nuh mek me eat back mi words,

Mek mi haffi beat back di suit

weh black,

di shoes weh a square mouth,

di ones weh a curve,

tyaad fi see pick axe a drive inna di hearse.

Oh God,

friend killing fi stop,

matta fact every killing fi stop.

So if fi we plan fi wear back black,

a mus party we a party inna dat.

Rept. Chorus

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