Lyrics: Erup – Pop The Bottle

Erup – Pop the Bottle

Ice Riddim



Swiftly.. You know its E to the R representing

And we love to pop the cork

Make it leak to the roof

And me a say, we nuh roll loose


Pop the Bottle, yea

On the plane, on the train

Man pop the bottle in the rain

Girl a call mi name

When mi pop the bottle, yea

On the lane, even pon the main

Man pop the bottle in the rain

Girl a call mi name


Yea, Man wake 11: 45 and fresh

Jump inna the 745 and Gas Pedal Flooring

This is how mi ride

When mi pull up a the party yo

The party live and

Mi don Black Label Urgently

Have the place lockdown

Like a state of emergency

Kick back and smoke

Quarter pound make me girl them see

Them smile and mix the Johnny with the Hennessy

A the craziest thing mi ever see

Yea Yea, when man a pop it pon the plane

When the plane land,

it popping through mi vain and through mi brain

mi never hear when immigration call mi name

Cause mi frass, am burning like a ball of flame

Chorus Repeat

Verse 2

When the cork pop, them think a firearm

Champagne deh pon the Ice a chill

mi naah guh keep it warm

a my style, make pure gal a swarm

so them get wild, you waan fi hear how gal a gwaan

A push it pon mi, you waan fi see how gal a gwaan

From the club to mi place, so yuh know wha aggo gwaan

The amount a cork we pop fi the night

Gal tell mi say, she keep it tight and right fi me

She naah stop perform

Chorus Repeat

Verse 1 Repeat



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