Lyrics: Mr. Vegas – Let Them Talk

talk is cheap so let dem say what dey wanna say
ooooh girl i love you anyway yayyyy oh yayyy

people talkin talkin talkin bout us every day
dem a try hard fi come mash up we life
an dem have so much to say
but were closer today than yesterday
and ill neva leave you i swear
(ill be there) dem a use dem lip a try mash up di relationship
(ill be there) dem want mi fi lef you but dem na get da wish no
(ill be there)tell dem fi lou your name dem cyan stop de fame
(ill be there) ah ya ex man a mix you up .??..
ill be there

but me gyal just seetdeh it dey nuh you have di whole a dem a fret so dem call out ya name pon di internet
wah dem a pree wah dem a try say
you nah pick a battle wa dem a dash wey
dem eyes wide open when ya walk in a model in ya sexy dress (oh yes)
dem no de goodness that you posses
an dat amagnet


but me cudda in de right place at de right time
me and you together girl everything fine
dem a chat we nah pay dem no mind
when we touch road a wonders an sighs
ill give anthing but ill neva give you up
neva put you down
neva leave you lonely
i swear


talk s cheap so let dem say what they wanna say
ohhh girl i love you anyway yayy
ohh yayyy



  1. lv tis song craziiiilllliiiy

  2. i dedicate this song to bkalz n tawi flik

  3. Millycashes Tambgal Sunsky

    I rily love this song its my favourite song.

  4. Lizeth Chinitha Torres

    this song is the best i love mr. vegas

  5. wow is my favourite song let them talk I like it mmmmmmmmmmm.

  6. Cis is definitely ca type of song u dance too…

  7. people will always talk love dis song.

  8. I ded diz song 2 ma……….lv ya so so much.