Video: Jamaican Radical Sheik Broke… Now Charging For Interviews Through Agent

Rumors have it that deported Jamaican Radical Sheik Abdullah El-Faisal is broke to the extend that he is charging some hefty fees for anyone wishing for an interview.

Today popular news netword CNN published an article written by Drew Griffin and Todd Schwarzschild, which state that the embattled islamic preacher wants to charge for a promised interview.

Excerpts from the article reads:

Preacher wants to be paid

Producer Todd Schwarzschild arrived with a crew on Thursday, May 13. That afternoon, CNN met with the contact for El-Faisal, who was now being called his “agent.” And the agent announced if we wanted an interview, the price would be $15,000.

CNN does not pay for any interviews. There would be no negotiations.

When I arrived the next day, I was ready to explain this to the “agent” and also explain that his demand for money would be outlined for all of CNN’s readers and viewers to see.

Friday night, as we sipped our Red Stripe beers at the poolside bar, Todd got a call. The agent was coming over and he was bringing El-Faisal. We would “negotiate” a deal, he said.

What a calamity from the once so powerful islamic leader who originated from a little rural community in Western Jamaica. It is said that his teaching has influenced convicted terrorists such as Richard Reid, the so-called shoe-bomber. His sermons were found in the apartment of suicide bombers who struck London, England, in 2005. Even one of the 9/11 plotters is said to have been a follower of Sheik Abdullah El-Faisal.

Watch video below

We wonder what leads the Sheik to be charging for interviews or do you think he have all right to charge for interviews….