Lyrics: Sizzla Kalongi – Something Girl

Yea!!! My pretty Baby!!!!
Wah!!! Cho!! Girl!!!
I Love You!!!!!

Chrous x2
Mi waan, mi waan di something girl
a waan swell up yuh belly like a pumpkin girl
Mi waan, mi waan di sinting now
mi waan yuh set good mek i fling it in now

verse 1
put yuh hands dem yah so
and put yuh legs dem deh so
hey girl mi say fi put yuh cute face pon di pillow
mek noise like when breeze a pass through willow
cau’ yuh know mi got di prize dat mi well waan gi yuh
gal yuh attract mi anytime dat mi see yuh
yuh tink a now sizzla kalongi a pree yuh
tell di whole world say mi say dat a fi mi yuh
a wha do yuh gal mi got di sinting fi gi yuh
just true yuh pretty everybody waan see yuh
any whey yuh go a bare money dem a gi yuh
any clothes yuh put on pon yuh body gal a fi yuh
gal from kingston gal from ochi rios

verse 2
gal dem mek di man get wild
wha pon har face di cutest smile
gal full a fashion di latest style
if a girl cyaan do that har whole life spoil
mek no sense dem pull your file
cause yuh leading dem a million mile
same way so it go girl child
cau’ a yuh a get di loving all di while

verse 3
want it now naw wait no longer
hey baby girl you know i’m coming stronger
sexy girl di last time mi leff yuh a wonder
this time around mi a go mek yuh a ponder
full a energy so yuh fi call mi name
yes baby girl a know yuh feel di same
girl wi affi link up and you know my aim
straight to your target and it aint no game