Lyrics: Romain Virgo – Dark Skin Girl


And now I’m sending this one across di nation

To all my Jamaican woman … hey hey yeah

Verse one

Hey dark skin girl you me a call

Me wudda love to have you close to me when the rain a fall

Laid your head upon my chest

My black princess

Your smile alone mek mi know black woman a the best

Hey chocolate skin ever hot

You I’ll never diss, on you I’ll never turn my back

On my shoulder you can lean

You are my queen

Nothing so beautiful, girl in this world I’ve ever seen.


Your love your love

Is all I need

Give me your love

My Jamaican queen

Your love your love
Is all I need

No Nothing else, No nothing else

Now all I wanna do girl is be myself

Verse Two

Hey dark skin girl you a lead

You alone mi want, yes a you alone me need

Love you just the way you are

You brighter than a star

Even if a leave you girl a would never go far

Hey African galang galang

Girl you never change, well a same so you tan

I want to be your man, you’re the one and only one

If I am not for you, then tell me where do I belong.

Rept Chorus

Verse Three

Every time dem pass me way

I want to say sumn, but a don’t know what to say

Dem got me weak in the knees

Girl I’m begging please

I know that you’re looking for a man like me

If a don’t get you girl what will I do

A woman like you can give me love weh true

Girl you know you bless wid all weh you possess

Hardcore love you give and nothing less.

Rept Chorus

Verse four

Only if I had a choice I would never ever

Have to think twice, me love the way you shape

You cold like ice, hips dem looking wide

And a roll like a dice

Hey champion girl you’re strong

A woman like you deserve a good man

You know me a wait, me a wait real long

If I am not for you, tell me where do I belong.

Rept Chorus

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