Lyrics: Trevor off key ft. Chedda – Fake Jeans Admit It

Tear up t-shirt,
True re-ligion
Dats how we roll

Fake jeans admit it
Knock off t-shirt we did it
We rock wannabe clarks to di limit
(downtown, downtown)
Cya shop uptown cah we too poor

Mi goosea belt ah di realest
Mi clothes knock off but ah di cleanest
Nah no g-shock watch so mi timeless
Cya shop uptown cah we so poor

Verse 1:
Di gyal dem neva KNOW
Mi shirt fake cah di tag neva SHOW
From ceiling to floor, from head to mi TOE
Where school clothes weh nuh body doh KNOW
Gyal dem ah watch we like a stage SHOW
True dem nuh know mi clothes fake like WHOE
Cya wash inna machine wid nuh flat SOAP
Ketchup where we stain draw wid di blue SOAP

Mi can send yuh too di chinee LADY
Dats where di tuh-bong buy DAILY
Dats why we shop inna downtown DADDY
Ah get di gyal dem inna di uptown PAWDI

Knock off ah di car weh we inna
Toyota but di sign ah seh bimma
Yuh should ah see har face wen she know seh a knock off mi inna

Fake jeans admit it
Knock off t-shirt we did it (OH)
Gas station shades to di limit
Di sun inna mi eye
Mi cya shop uptown cah mi too poor

Mi bradda shoes, it ah squeeze yes
But im rockin it, like its di realest
Wash ova chain, ah di cleanest
Tree time mi try sell it to cash for gold