Lyrics: Aidonia – Jack Hammer

Ladies!!! My Babies!!!! My Girls!!!!!!

Verse 1
di gyal a bawl whoi!!!
she a say it hot mi fi stop
mi say top di noise, tek a sat pon di c**k
tek a seat pon di c**ky tic toc yuh fi toc
gyal wine get wild, giddy up giddy up
good f*ck she get , contact diddy back
cau’ energy inna mi back whey it stack
pure snagga roots a di factory fi dat
gyal a treeb up di c**ky like a crockery whey drop
cute face gyal nuh have acne fi pop
gyal see di bike waan kotch pon di back
she say bring mi to the hills
vrooom flash to the block
must f*ck she want it has to be that
hammer inna belly knock it a knock
when tire puncture no flat wi nuh patch
gyal have di good hole di fat whey fi slap
mi nuh stop , mi nuh stop, mi nuh stop

Mek she bawl woooiii!!!
oh oh oh oh oh oh
di gyal a wine up har body an a move it slow
Oh oh oh oh oh oh
di gyal a bubble up har waist and a tip pon har toe
oh oh oh oh oh oh
di gal start jiggle up har body mek di c**k crow
oh oh oh oh oh oh

Verse 2

Some hot f*ck she get!!!
she a bawl and a beg time off
she climb up pon di buddy waan climb off
mi naw stop until yuh reach yuh climax
Oooo Eeee!!!
C**ky yuh fi wine off
gyal yuh p*ssy full a grip yuh naw slide off
she love me, har man she a bypass
run whey di teacha gyal come a my class
gyal yuh pretty skin whey i love
an yuh f inna di light nuh lock di light off
c**ky mek gal a catch hiccup an dry cough
gal cyaan see cau’ she flig whey di eyeglass
good body gal nuh have no virus a dem gal deh i love
juice inna belly add up she multiply, nuttin nuh minus..


  1. This sounds like toture to me. Is this a surgery or something.. Only a women who is of little worth would allow such bashing.. A real man would want to please is woman in a less painful way.. This seem like a false p… How can a real vagina withstand so much hurt and it’s not child bearing..

  2. i lke dis song… it is interesting…vry, vry interesting
    u knw wat i luv it

  3. flat paddle brush

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  4. I’m so love this blog, already bookmarked it! Thanks.

  5. Correction made… thanks and continue to look out.


  6. correction : good f*ck she get (contact diddy back)