Heineken Green Synergy 2010 Auditions Kicks Off In Jamaica

Popular Jamaican talent show Heineken Green Synergy kicks off last weekend with auditions in Montego Bay, Mandeville and Kingston. Already the show is on high. Based on the remarkable talents on show, it was evident that this year’s competition will be very exciting as it brought out some very skilled and enterprising DJs.

In Mandeville on Friday, it was DJ 47 who stood out above the other entrants and will certainly be making a strong bid for the Championship. Using vinyl through the ‘final scratch system’, DJ 47 delighted the judges, Alric and Boyd of Fame FM and the crowd on hand with some dazzling turn table skills.

In Montego Bay the following day it was the reverse of what took place in Mandeville as one of the best on show in terms of skills played first is DJ Monk. Like DJ 47 he used vinyl (final scratch) and turned up the heat at Pier One with some creative mixes and eye catching turn table skills.

But it was Kingston which drew the biggest turn-out for the auditions. Last year’s semi-finalist DJ Naz turned out in top form and gave a very entertaining set. Once again carrying the tag as the lone female in the competition, Naz will certainly be looking to go all the way this time.

Last year’s winner was DJ Jigga from Montego Bay.

DJ 47