“Out The Gate” Movie To Launch This Summer

The highly anticipated Jamaican movie “Out The Gate” starring Paul Campbell will be in Theatre  some time in the summer according to sources close to the film. The film was suppose to be released in the spring of this year but was delayed for unknown reasons.

The Film features popular Jamaican actors and entertainers such as Oliver Samuels, Shelli Boone, and Reggae Dancehall artists Everton (E-Dee) Dennis, Mr. Lexx, Edley Shine, Lady G., Ms. Triniti, Father Times, Bless Man, and more. The film follows E-Dee’s chance to leave Jamaica and follow his music dreams in America. Shot in Jamaica and Los Angeles, the movie is a urban action bio-pic and promise to be excited.

See the trailer

Watch E-Dee Music video for the sound track here