Lyrics: Wayne Marshall – Messin With My Heart

Artiste: Wayne Marshall


Wayne Marshall, oh yeahhh yeahh

Oh oh oh oh yeahhh woooahhh

Verse 1:

Rememba when wi met, 11 months ago,

I thought you were the realest chick I eva known.

You jumped in my life and touched mi to my soul,

To how you play the role I even put you in my home.

I gave you everything, the house and the Range

Shoppin in the Dubai, trips go to Spain

I showed you the life, gave yuh the fame,

And then you transform then everyting change.

What is in the dark, must come to the light

I know who you went out with the other night.

Hey, I know you and another man creeping, sleeping.

When mi gone pon di weekend


Yuh messing wid my heart, heart, heart

You messing wid my heart, girl, girl

You messing wid my heart, heart, heart

You messing wid my heart, girl, girl.

Oh oh oh la la la you shouldn’t do me dat oh oh

Oh lal lala lal a hey hey

Verse 2:

Girl no badda cry it nah go mek no sense

I know you telling lies, I got the evidence

You told me you were drinking, chilling with some friends.

But I found out exactly where you went,

What is it a did? Did a do you wrong?

I thought I was the man I thought I was the one

Or I was just a game you are playing all along

Hey a right yah so we’ve done

Rept Chorus:

Verse 3:

Time has passed, since you’ve gone

Out my life, I’m having fun

No more touch, no more love.

I’m so happy now that it’s done

All I gave you was the best

And all I’ve got was disrespect

I’ve moved on with no regrets

Now you live inna life of stress.

Rept Chorus: