Munga – Gwaan Bad Lyrics


(Verse 1)
Anywhere wi go wi get honors and manners
Most a mi friend dem a conners and scammers
Never being a fool from wi likkle inna school
Mi a roll wid the tools like hammers and spanners
Money mi a pree hi no, dollars pon dollars
Gyal a wave to mi wid flag hand an banners
Real hot foot dem no carry sh– pale inna jail
A baggers and jammers
Strap under clothe wid the clip a expose
Wi no roll likle cutty weh a pose and model
Slap weh the bar, dutty Fridays a spar
Yo si nothing but bucket, an crate, an bottle
Any body violate, bay supn happen
Bun who fi bun up, then mi hail who fi hail
Yo si dollars, father bulla and Chris Gayle

Anywhere wi go wi get ratings
Wi no take dis up and drapings
Gyal a gi wi pu–y and bay things
A bay things, no play things

When mi step out a the car, then mi step to the bar
Just bucket, an bottle, an cratings
Neal wi no inna long waiting’s
My life full a color like plain things

(Verse 2)
Put mi neck up pon the block and meck yo chop it
Mi never suck a pu–y and mi never f a batty
So rather inna a Benz or the piece a jelopy
Anywhere mi deh mi have mi strappy, yo copy
Dem no bad a just a bag a talking
But the whole a dem a duck when da one yah start spin
Rather blacker, than blacker, blacker
When it start tint
Cause this yah shot yah meck yo white like a marching

Hold on take a note, meck wi take a vote
If yo never sniff coke so beg yo take a oat
Youths waan travel so wi haffi tek a port
Try supn no, take a plane or go take a boat
Big up every clerk, every teller, every buyer, every seller
Hold a fire, hold a bella, hold a clerk, hold a teller
Go skate land go ask pepsi an tella
Pepsi an tella cho

(Repeat Chorus)

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