Beenie Man – Cah Frighten We Lyrics

Beenie Man

God take the case an gimmi the pillow
Hey carried in a bag so mi get the killer
Oh dem bwoy deh over deh so looking sicker
Hey call Chicka


Go tell dem pu**y over deh so seh dem cyaa frighten we
Long time mi know dem an dem friend fraid a we
A act like dem a gangster but we deh yah fi see
The whole a dem a fish throw dem back in a the sea
Right now mi brain a boil like a hot cup a tea
That mean no begging’s caw mi no sign plea
Mi dog dem get rid a tix an flee
The last man standing that will be me

(Verse 1)

Cause mi done know the pu**y dem no like mi
Dem wuk how much obia fi stop mi
Dem seh through the gate dem shouldn’t let mi
Through mi hot like brim stone a me bring fire
And mi read allot a books a so mi get inspire
And the words from mi cranium bring strength an power
Gyal dem seh mi fresh like a walking shower
Well a mussi that the pu**y dem hate mi fa

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)

Bad man no in a talk, talk, jape up nor box up
Bad man no in a Tracing, kick up nor thump up
Come a tell mi how much shot yuh an yo friend dem buss up
One clappers buss an unu run go lock up
Come a tell mi how yuh badder than teddy bruckshock
How much bullet wound an how much knife cut
Two two’s after that a police jeep role up
Mi look side a me all mi si a pure dust

(Repeat Chorus)

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