Beyonce & Jay Z Divorcing Over Cheating With Bodyguard Rumors

Hip-hop’s royal couple, Beyonce and Jay Z, made tabloids headlines this week over more divorce and cheating rumors.

Since video footage leaked of a fight between the rap titan and his sister-in-law Solange Knowles leaked online over a month ago, the family have been constantly in the news.

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Now a British tabloid is claiming that Jay Z is considering divorcing Beyonce after more rumors surfaced claiming that she has been cheating with her bodyguard Julius De Boer.

Boer is the same bodyguard that held back Solange from beating up Jay Z in the hotel elevator after the Met Gala after party.

“Jay definitely thinks that there was and may still be something romantic going on between Bey and Julius,” sources said. “He wanted to fire Julius last February, but Beyonce said, ‘Julius isn’t going anywhere.’”

“They’ve spent a lot of time together behind closed doors,” the source added.

The tabloid also claims that Jay Z have also cheated on Beyonce and the pop star could be taking revenge with her close bodyguard.

Beyonce and Jay Z will be going on their first joint tour “On The Run” together this summer.

It will be interesting to see how this all play out with the looming tour.


  • Mak

    I would believe it if the headlines said that Jay was the one sleeping with the bodyguard…

  • Elaine Douglas

    Can you lend me some money I need 30,000

  • Don’t worry about it

    Haha never this is one couple we will never see divorce. Might separate and work it out too much money involved.

  • Kenard Beachum

    Beyonce is too much of a classy lady to be living foul., and Jay-Z has way too much respect for Beyonce to be cheating on her. Don’t forget that Jay-Z is a genius not an idiot. Stay up! One!

  • Kiara Stokes

    People will say and believe anything… birds

  • Veronica Anderson

    What’s up with these comments? Besides that, its so strange how things that people do in the darkness comes out in the light. Do I think either of them is cheating? Perhaps. Do I think they will divorce? Highly unlikely. Truthfully, I think this is all a publicity scam. Frankly, I think the whole elevator thing was staged and released by them. Since that incident, they have been all over the net and a lot of people’s interest has been peaked. We’ll see what happens. Then again, I could be wrong. When people have a lot of money and too much free time… anything can happen.

  • Jay

    Can you say ‘Tour Promo?’……smh.

  • MarcnLinda Rivera

    Obama n beyonce .remember that. ….

  • outlaw


  • Leah Smith

    I just think it’s ironic how all this came about before their tour together. I think it’s just a publicity stunt then again I may be wrong.

  • truth

    If you believe this that means u still believe in Santa Claus…this is so stupid

    • Clive


  • Hugh Myron

    What a slut (if it’s true)

    • Gloria Thompson

      Wow, oh no

    • ttt

      Jay z is the slut cheater and hoe but she ain’t no good for creating on him 2 maybe get and that body gays are really in love

  • MsUneque

    As the WORLDS BIGGEST BEY-Z fan….. This mess had better be a PUBLICITY STUNT! RING THE ALARM!

  • A HuMan

    Aren’t we forgetting something? Underneath all that FAME, famous people are still HUMANS, that have a life outside the spotlight. The all make mistakes just like we all do, forget they are famost and think for one minute, what IF this was happening to you?
    Divorce rate is so high all over the world, and the biggest thing to consider here is that families are been crush by divorce.
    There is a beautiful child in the mids of all this mess. Beyonce and JayZ there are a lot of people ball over the world praying for you and your family, including me. I am about beyounce’s age and I have a family too, I can only imagine how painful this, if is true, most be for all the people involved.
    I pray that the love you two share will help you find a solution to all of this, and if there was ever any fault from any of you or both of you, that you also find forgiveness for each other, in the same heart that once you found love, that kind of love that surpasses all understanding. And remember: love is patient and love is kind…forget the critics, they will go away and find another victim, but don’t loose love because that is hard to find now days. I wish you the best.

    P.S from a friend.

    • Gloria Thompson

      Well said. Blessings

  • Websitesucks

    Screw this website. I read the article and see below an advert
    “You may also like: Girl breaks neck and dies after acrobatic dance”

    Why would I “like” that. Stupid website.

    • Gloria Thompson

      And the latest, she’s alive and still dancing on her head…

  • QueenP

    Really they should stick it out never believe the man in your life is going to be totally faithful leave some guard up no matter how perfect he is because a man is going to be a man and this is true for some women as well. But lets be realistic. If they love each other they will surely work it out through hell n high waters they could work it out.

  • Step


  • Anon

    BeyJay are reaching for cover stories, even pawning their kid’s pictures onto us to try and make us forget. Please, we are not interested in your dry life. Do the help, we don’t care. You’ve been exposed as the frauds you are.

  • Tara

    They will be On the Run from each other soon..too bad, I thought they were a cool couplle

    • Gloria Thompson

      Don’t believe it rumors.

      • Glito

        shut up !

      • Gloria Thompson

        Glito, Ok I will. Lol

    • Patricia dilworth

      What I’ve learned from celebrity couples is it’s all crap. There’s never a fairy tale ending bc they r self center, selfish and never feel satisfied with their spouses. Marriage means nothing to them in this Generation. Sad but true and what example r they setting for the entire world? Bogus crap…

  • Solange

    Don’t believe that they are getting a divorce but Beyonce and that bodyguard have been pretty close and suspicious. Sometimes these celebrities paint a picture of a perfect world when it’s far from perfect.

    • salena

      I think I’ll reserve my judgment until the papers are signed.

      • Glito

        i told you , you stay following these news and gossip . no life .

      • salena

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        I gon tell you again I don’t buy these celebs gossip magazines. I’m from the Islands and this is the only site I’m on. I follow the news etc. I watch documentaries. I’m not only concerned about what ‘rich’ people do with their damn money etc.
        As haughty as you talk I hope you out there helping some blink old lady cross the street etc.

      • BadGirl13Maliboo

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      • salena

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        When?I stopped being mean to you after those post. Dude I don’t like being mean to you. :( I don’t know if that was English but who cares)

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    • dextersaintjocke

      So what if the bodyguard is tapping that.

    • Elaine Douglas

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