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Leaked BBM of Vybz Kartel And Gaza Slim Discussing Alternative

Vybz Kartel and Gaza Slim photo

Gaza Slim gave Vybz Kartel a lot of Lisa Hype before he went to prison.

More data from Vybz Kartel Blackberry was leaked and now his most loyal protege Gaza Slim is caught in the ongoing saga.

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An anonymous source sent Urban Islandz these BBM messages screen shots from a conversation between Vybz Kartel and Gaza Slim.

In one of the messages Vybz Kartel was very explicit in what he wanted to do with Gaza Slim.

Vybz Kartel and Gaza Slim will be going on trial in July for conspiracy to pervert the course of justice after she made a false police report claiming she was robbed by Clive “Lizard” Williams.

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  • mr. curruption

    this is all edited not even ps more look like microsoft paint= look at how around the words and letters are pixelated and fuzzy for who dont know look it up -smfh.

  • Hardjammer

    What kind of a stupid generalization that my yute? Kartel money red eye people fi hate him? Stupid people use bad-mind as a reason for Kartel’s incarceration when the fact is that he was convicted for murder as a result of the evidence gathered against him. Show us the proof that was otherwise.

  • jazzy

    Im not surprised. .he fuqd every girl in da gaza camp.. every last 1 of them n if they say no they lying..its obvious by da songs they do together n the way they interact wit each otha. Not surprised at all. Plus slim has his name tatted on her arm. I mean come on it dont get more obvious than that. I understand he help change ur life but tatting his name is jus goin above n beyond for a “boss” dont u think

  • Hardjammer

    It might sound funny but a true.

  • kayon

    U know what concerns me, if all these text came from the same bbm, y are all kartel bbm’s name different in every text?… Kmt. Been using bbm too long fi get trick by that Kmt.

  • amanda86

    ridiculous . leave the man be..let him do his time

  • Ladies Man

    World boss tell mi seh mi nuh fi mek nubody tell mi nuh bullsh#t, man dem a nam pumpum all thru out history, dem just keep it hush. A World Boss tell mi seh pumpum a gentleman dish

  • Burn gaza

    Bt him hide that him eat the Kat . Him nah tell UNO gaza fans that him eat the Kat . Tell me wat kartel mean wen him dj abt gyal p***y good like him high grade herbs ?

  • teacher

    Jamaican are hypocrites. Look how much lesbian And gay in ja and nothing is done. If vibes want to s*ck Gaza slim. Leave him.vibes will get a lot of alternative sex in prison