Leaked BBM of Vybz Kartel And Gaza Slim Discussing Alternative

Gaza Slim gave Vybz Kartel a lot of Lisa Hype before he went to prison.

More data from Vybz Kartel Blackberry was leaked and now his most loyal protege Gaza Slim is caught in the ongoing saga.

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An anonymous source sent Urban Islandz these BBM messages screen shots from a conversation between Vybz Kartel and Gaza Slim.

In one of the messages Vybz Kartel was very explicit in what he wanted to do with Gaza Slim.

Vybz Kartel and Gaza Slim will be going on trial in July for conspiracy to pervert the course of justice after she made a false police report claiming she was robbed by Clive “Lizard” Williams.

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  • amanda86

    ridiculous . leave the man be..let him do his time

  • kayon

    U know what concerns me, if all these text came from the same bbm, y are all kartel bbm’s name different in every text?… Kmt. Been using bbm too long fi get trick by that Kmt.

  • Hardjammer

    It might sound funny but a true.

  • jazzy

    Im not surprised. .he fuqd every girl in da gaza camp.. every last 1 of them n if they say no they lying..its obvious by da songs they do together n the way they interact wit each otha. Not surprised at all. Plus slim has his name tatted on her arm. I mean come on it dont get more obvious than that. I understand he help change ur life but tatting his name is jus goin above n beyond for a “boss” dont u think

  • Hardjammer

    What kind of a stupid generalization that my yute? Kartel money red eye people fi hate him? Stupid people use bad-mind as a reason for Kartel’s incarceration when the fact is that he was convicted for murder as a result of the evidence gathered against him. Show us the proof that was otherwise.



  • mr. curruption

    this is all edited not even ps more look like microsoft paint= look at how around the words and letters are pixelated and fuzzy for who dont know look it up -smfh.

  • leah

    Look dez cunts arguing over sh-t,i said it once n will say again.there is much more to this ting,like a higher authority pulling the strings.

  • spartan

    which on a kartel de white or blue

  • tyrese

    is this real?

  • gargon

    I was looking at this from this story and the one a out addi a sleep with popcorn girl, you didnt norice the two screen name them different for kartel ..all this stuff is being fabricated by the police and government to justify a wrongful prosecution on forged evidence…no other court system in the world would have held up that conviction one where your key witnesses themselves are know murderers looking to avoid prison and the evidence on the conversation with kartel tallking about guns clearly from illegal wire taps and anyone who ever used a blackberry phone know that u cant accidentally record ur own calls while in a active call…

  • wiseup

    I find myself shaking my head everytime I read most of the comments on sites like this. The people who unyieldingly defend this man seem to forget that had they been charged and convicted for 2 missing shoes as lizard was, that they would have suffered the same fate. Everybody in the streets know that Kartel is a killer. The love and admiration you have for him, lizard had the same and maybe more. Still with all this being true Kartel and his cohorts mauled him to death. Do ppl really want this man free?

    • Gloria Thompson

      You live by the gun u die by the gun…

  • Karen

    This isn’t news worthy! His private sex life is nobody’s bees wax!

  • Dntplygames

    whats the point this really

    • ZiggyZagZag

      Humiliation, character assassination, and to limit of any further deification.


  • Worl’Boss mi say

    I hope vybz get fi do road so him can come back n tek back him spot as the world boss n send sum mad msgs to sum bwoy wife n mek wifey know say she can get a taste b4 she go home to her bad mind boyfriend

    • Damion


  • Worldboss Christopher Marshall

    I don’t belive these rumors a police dem a use the man phone in deh.The babylon dem ave the man phone now so dem can write any fi people look down and turn against di artis but nah work mek dem Gwan hate kartel dem success a dat mad dem.lata on come out wid more thing a bet u.all when di man deh prison dem still badmind di man.Caz kartel use to fck one of police man dem gyal it still bun him that’s why him write sh-tt bout di man

  • JL

    How is all the stuff of this supposed pone still evidence in court. I’m not saying he didn’t do anything wrong but you shouldn’t bend the legal system just to lock someone up you don’t like. Things off these phones clearly should’ve been thrown out as evidence.

    Now it looks like evidence is being leaked to sully his character more before the appeal.

    • Gloria Thompson

      Only in Jamaica

  • Primo ny

    Why anyone surprise, she say in her song that she will do the the things them as long him want her. But who care? That is his lifestyle. That’s not what make him a murderer, that’s not what he is in prison for. He is a problem child. Money the root of all evil. The girl was in church on choir and because the love of money look what become of her, next she going prison. Kartel used them all both the men and the women. It’s a shame but not surprise. Now that kartel is been put away put your attention on Peter Phillips and the TAXES.

    • Damion

      Yah worry but the Taxes ! This why they want to get rid of him because he hold a listening ear to the young voters lol but I know they gonna vote them out over this Vybez Kartel illegal verdict respectfully I’m not arguing with you I’m just make a point ppl think that the government cares about his nasty songs and him bleaching his self and all this evidence that they fabricated from illegal technology Jamaica knows nothing about are even know that it exist are wether Lizard is dead are alive put those aside and listen to the positive song the young voters listen to those most of all that’s what’s worrying them.

  • Eric Gumenu Zagatie

    BABYLON!Yuh jail him then yuh stil folow im even in jail!?

    • Damion

      They just doing what they do best oppress poor people .

  • NYC one

    Who leaking this mess . I am not a Kartel fan this is disgusting .

    • Gloria Thompson

      JA justice system is so unprofessional



    • ?THE LAST CHRI$$$?

      Ni -a shut the f+ up

    • rani

      Listen fa ot ain’t no one wants to holla at ur nastiness … go Su yah mada

  • Blackbeauty_1

    After seeing these freaky sexual BBM messages I think Shorty will no longer wait 35 years for Kartel’s release.
    Listen Kartel, “You can’t get pumpum ah prison, another bwoy go romp Shorty while you missing”.

  • Cosmos

    Look at Jamaican boss…Ewww…I’ve seen the low life inmate on some occasions…Everything he wore from head to toe was damn fake…I mean EVERYTHING. Not to speak of his cheap tattoos on that horribly bleached out skin….and who the hell is the AIDS patient behind him?

    • Gloria Thompson


    • mr. curruption


  • Tweley

    No shocker for me, Gaza Slim walk di walk.. its a shame though her career dead nuh rass…

  • Open Book

    And for those who think he is not . . .

    • Richard Smith

      Please doint back your fist to this picture please I beg u !!

  • kartel!!

    Smh. This phone still with the police and one of them c-nts uplaoding sh– off the phone for the world to see. Im hoping his family sues.

  • rani

    How is it possible that two people texting each other can sent five messages less than a minute to each other?… bullsh-…article… bullsh- propaganda… bullsh- government….

  • rani

    Anyone noticed four messages sent between the two party less than one minute … free kartel

    • Open Book

      It is possible.

    • Open Book

      I guess you type with one finger.

    • Open Book

      see how many replies to you I can make in a minute.

    • Open Book

      convinced now?

  • rani

    This is fake…. where is the date?

  • Yasuyo

    “cum pon yuh tongue and yuh spit it out ” for all that , why not just swallow dwl

  • Damion

    Bwoy these group of people were really set out to get Vybez Kartel it like what they did Buju Banton

    • Open Book

      Really Damion? Conspiracy Theory again? These “stars” hide behind the music while selling guns, weed, and cocaine. Wake up.

      • Damion

        Innocent until proven guilty the honest way look at the vedio they use ! ghetto youth live in shacks all our life when we rich we live like Kings no tell me nuh crap conspiracy all the way .

      • Hardjammer

        Totally agreed…innocent until proven guilty, for example, Vybz Kartel, Buju Banton, Zekes, Dudus, etc.

      • tenchu

        Who else?

      • Hardjammer

        …Zebra, Ninjaman, Shawn Storm etc etc. They were all innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

      • Damion

        No these stars where the victim of new illegal technology that Jamaica people know nothing about by the government and police to secure a conviction before the next general election Vybez Kartel has the ears of the young voters which is the larger amount of votes in Jamaica but I know they gonna let them pay for this .

      • tenchu

        Illegal tech?..phones? just stop now please.

      • Damion

        A they manipulated and tampered with the phone so that’s illegal where is the original CD digicel gave them they can’t find it BS.

    • Omar Overton

      Bld wots ur Problem, a u f–k kartel kwn how u so bias

      • Damion

        You stuck in Jamaica and thier gay and injustice system there a old saying if you not going no where you are not exposed to nothing else in the world so go fu– yuh self and get out of big people argument dunce head badmind bwoy .

      • Damion

        Your crazy bo fu- man I’m not even gonna entertain your habits. The youth money him make red yall eyes but that’s just coming from waste people like you a the government want to see the young generation stop listening to this man because they need there votes so this bigger than you and your gay life .

      • Damion

        There are two type of people in the world the have and have not so keep thinking that your habits is a next man’s habit your. Fisher man talk about fish add on the rest because I’m not entertaining you waste man .

    • tenchu

      Yeah set out to get him..Don’t worry about the bunch of coke Buju was tasting…no it was the gays. FOH.

  • ZiggyZagZag

    Kartel’s Cellmate: “Me want come pon u tongue and u spit it out”
    Kartel: “K”
    Kartel’s Cellmate: “ya get freaky bad (me love it)”

    Kartel’s Cellmate: “Yes! All now it sweet me”
    Kartel: “Mi pumpum swell”

    A so it a go! fo real.

    • Yardie

      LOL this ish funny

      • Eden


  • sgt waterford

    Any second the batty wash gyal
    Inagotovina who is a Croatian hooker in new York will tell we about Jamaica and vybz Kartel..the gyal wishes vybz bbm she and cum pon she tongue…stupid groupie pon every kartel story….

  • gazathug

    I thought that Gaza slim was more freaky and would swallow….

    • gaza is not in jamaica

      Stop calling yourself gaza you black chimp your not from the middle east

  • Santana1Don

    Da message say receive 1 minute ago……. f—ry dat

    • Hardjammer

      Hey retard, that was a saved screen shot. What did you expect it to say, received in 35 years?

    • tenchu


  • ok then? What next?

  • Rosh

    Lmfao dis so fake if it was real da message wudntb sayin received one min ago o plz it wud b sayin da date look how long kartel nuh use him fone dese paygons a try mash up him ting but only di fool dem fall fi dis

    • rudebwoy

      Do you know anything about bbm???.. If the message was just sen, it wouldnt put a date… Use your brain.. What if the screen shot was taken shortly after the messages were sent????? Are you dumb???

      • Rosh

        Lmfao ya fool man jus easy u gwan stress idiot

      • rani

        No u r

      • mafiaboss

        Its fake how one screen shot say 1pm n another say 4am answer that

      • rudebwoy

        Listen, im not saying its real. What that dummy said dosent make sense. And if the messages have different times.. Put it this way.. Have u ever been talking to a girl before.. she text you at 6 am and u never text her back until 12pm.. Its all logical.. Dosent mean its real.. If they wanted to make kartel look bad.. They woulda done something like …. Gaza slim: mi wah yuh su– mi out… Kartel: that mi wah do to… Get that in your head.. You guys are actng as if ur kartels lawyer trying to defend him.. Everyone knows that he does the stuff he sings about.. The man even came in an interview saying he has more than one partners ( while being with shorty).. U guys are acting as if she dosent know that he cheats

      • rudebwoy

        Its all logical, he could have went to sleep.. That was 4am in the morning.. And replied to her after 1 in the evening.. Anyways.. Im not saying it is real. Im just proving his statement as false… Everyone is defending him as if they are his lawyer.. Kartel does almost everything he sings about… And “shorty” knows hes cheating.. He even said it in an interview.. And seeing this wouldnt make kartel look bad.. His music is worse.. if they wanted to make him look bad.. They would have made gaza slim ask for oral sex from him and then have him say yes.. Hes my favourite artise. But that dosent mean i will be biased .. Hes no saint

      • Gloria Thompson

        We r all sinners including u

      • rudebwoy

        Thanks for pointing out the obvious

      • Hardjammer

        …because those times are in a day. Would you have preferred if it was ‘up to the time’?

    • Worldboss Christopher Marshall

      Facts.police in deh use man phone

      • Hardjammer

        Fact: Kartel found guilty of murder.

      • troopz

        Fact: Kartel wore a purple shirt with the words “Fags” and “It’s so cool”

    • kiki

      That was a saved screenshot from the conversation

  • What relevance does this have? what does this have to do with anything? bwoy dem a deal wid teacha rash right now. this nuh necessary, what are their motives for continuing this fckry? di man lock up already and him nah go no weh, low di yute mek him family and friends have peace. this neva need fi put out, dem fck up gaza slim now. smh, petty. unnu already get weh u want and still a add insult on top of injury. dem wah fi seal u fate teacha. dem fi go report the scholarship program him did have fi di gaza youths and the good works he was doing, them a try break him and his image and mek it seems like seh di yute nuh have nuttin good bout him. if kartel is so bad, then society need to look at itself and evaluate things because there will be more like him, so try fix di problem instead of paint a bad picture of a man who has already fallen.

    • Damion

      That the young kids stop listen to all he have to say they are worried Holness is regrouping his party.

    • rani

      Hey…. they will never talk about the scholarships vybz kartel has in place for the kids…. wow that’s amazing

    • a fan

      Absolutely well said what has being freaky got to do with anything leave the man alone now talk about shred the man to pieces it is not right only God can judge him everyone has skeleton in there closet

      • Gloria Thompson

        Yes, if he did what they sentence him for leave him to…THE ALMIGHTY GOD. Stop the LEAKS

      • mike-mike

        Did you tell kartel to stop leaking pics of his clown su—ng hi hood? If not shut the f up. We need to know what a gwaan.

    • Gloria Thompson

      So right…Blessings

    • mr. curruption

      no worry bout dat its all edited as you can see the fuzziness on the letters some idiot editor lmao

    • troopz

      what was the point of Kartel leaking out the Lisa Hype cocky mouth pics for? #karma

      • they say two wrongs don’t make a right, besides, justice has been served already, so anything extra is just being malicious, and malicious is not justice, its contrary. They’re only going to this extent because they want him dead but cant kill him without scrutiny. kicking a man while he’s down/beating a dead horse is a waste of time and wont solve anything, not to mention petty and childish.

      • tenchu

        You avoided the question.

      • Well I’m not supporting the leak of Lisa’s pic anyhow cause it ‘wasn’t right either,’ but when I look at it, how many pics of Lisa got leaked? how many pics of kartel are they leaking? leaking 60+ pics from his phone (and counting) is justification for that right? I’m pretty sure the intent/motives are different (I don’t think kartel had a personal vendetta against her like they do him). Ask kartel why he leaked that pic, and ask them why they are leaking these. From my perspective, these leaks are tainted with malice. He’s already been brought to justice, she wasn’t on trial, and he wasn’t beating a dead horse; you cant really compare this situation to Lisa’s because the circumstances are different and there’s a lot more at play here.

    • Mets

      Well it is well known that many Jamaicans think that oral sex is disgusting. But your favorite musician engages in the same ting – what does that make him in your eyes or are Jamaicans hypocrites?

      • bruk out

        Kartel never hid the fact that he loved oral x yuh pu–yhole! obviously you dont listen to enuff of his music

  • Yardie

    Its no secret Vybz Kartel freaky and him did a f*** all a di ugly Gaza gal dem. Kartel is gay too and batty man inna prison ago deal wid him in de

    • Worldboss Christopher Marshall

      Shut up the bit– as ni–a unuh see police dem use the man inna deh

    • Dark Ace

      U get erections from those gay thoughts don’t u?

      • Gloria Thompson


    • mr. curruption

      guck sck yuh mada

    • hatangus

      so who is leaking this images and messages? it is very true now that his phone was used while in police custody no wonder thy extracted the information and now they are leaking it I pity the justice system of Jamaica shame on you.

  • shawn occonnor