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Vybz Kartel Sister Says Family Is Hurting Post Convictiom & Media

Vybz Kartel

Vybz Kartel eldest sister Maureen Palmer-Nelson continues to speak out against the deejay’s murder conviction.

Vybz Kartel, born Adidja Palmer, along with protege Shawn “Storm” Campbell, and close friends Andre St John, and Kahira Jones were found guilty of the 2011 murder of Clive “Lizard” Williams.

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Speaking with Irie FM, Maureen Nelson says the dancehall deejay’s family is deeply hurt by the conviction.

“We are a strong family, we are very strong and our parents brought us up to be strong individuals, but we are hurting,” Nelson said.

She also said statements being made in the media are also causing the family more grief.

“The conviction is one but the comments that you hear in the media I think that is the most hurtful part and if he is hearing any of it as a human being I am sure he is hurting because it is sad some of the criticisms we have read and heard,” Nelson added.

Vybz Kartel will be back in court this Thursday for his delayed sentencing hearing.

All four men are facing life imprisonment for the murder.

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  • NYC one

    Listen am sick of Kartel family he was involved in this murder get the hell away and ask the fans and artists forgive ness else he will spend a long time in prison .

    • Rian Brown

      It’s normal for his family they are sick and tired of the media this is one of my big problems with this case the media keeps putting him down so it makes me ask myself is this a set up I feel like the media and the haters are pushing people in believing he’s guilty

      • Porchia


      • Rian Brown

        So far that is the case

      • Porchia

        And why should it be any different. ..have you not been following the case or are you just concentrating on the fact that the police tampered with the phone and whatever else you thank may have been tampered with…have you stopped to think maybe kartel paid for the tampering hoping that it would help his case….have you not heard the main witness said that when he left kartels house to attend the hospital with kartel to seek medical attention for the dog bite he left lizard motionless body in the house…also the text evidence….kartel is an accomplice in all of this and enough evidence to convict the lot…..wake up and accept

      • Rian Brown

        Believe what you want and I’ll believe what I want why does it bother you so much that I see this as a shady case you need to accept that some people believe that he’s not guilty and some don’t then you have people like me who don’t know what to believe I can understand if you enjoy bashing people and acting tuff behind your computer maybe it makes you feel better about yourself maybe you have women or maybe you have no women at all I don’t know reply all you want I don’t care

  • kimberly

    stop talking sh– about him

    • NYC one


    • shasyl

      it`s the truth and it ago hurt uno.

      • Kimberly

        Ok I’m not hurt I’m just saying

      • Porchia

        If your not hurt why you telling to stop talking sh– about him…He is a murderer accept and move on

      • Kimberly


  • NYC one

    That’s not important what people think get people together to free Kartel . I have spoken to a lot of people in JA about Kartel response not good . There are people who love his music but know he is a murderer

    • InaGotovina

      Ur sick in a head

      • Porchia

        Sick to say let’s get together and free him…nyc one confused :-) but I’m with him on this saga

    • Islanddiva

      As much as I love Kartel music, mi hear di same rass ting an it na feel gud fi tan up fi ah person who have bad name inna dem community cuz if him really na dweet, him history ah rule fi him life now. I still believe the system corrupt an dem really na prove dem case but mi gut tell mi sey corruption deh pon both sides ah di fence.

      • NYC one

        Islanddiva he had no right putting himself in this mess .

      • NYC one

        Kartel is talented , he was on top of his game he made a fortune in reggae music . Why mixed up your self up in this mess . Kartel is in serious trouble he needs to get all the fans and artistes on his side . Jahcure had a lot of artistes and fans on his side that was a huge help for him trust me .

      • gaza governor

        That a true but u know what wrong with you, you chat too much. You a take up people business weh nuh matter to you

      • Porchia

        Free speech everyone entitled to they own opinion…Some you like some you don’t get on with it

    • Porchia

      Lol@free kartel. ..what you all going to do??? Break him out of prison

  • InaGotovina


  • InaGotovina

    Nah, even if he could read , he wouldnt believe my signature .

  • InaGotovina

    so being that you answered twice, Im now a superhero?

  • Ross Margarette

    Listen everyone NYC one knows everything he is right and you are all wrong he is so cool that he gets back stage passes so for everyone who thinks kartel is innocent well he’s not because the system and NYC one said so

  • IMHO

    Big Sis, he was sent to jail, not heaven. No one expects the family to celebrate. And suppose you hear what they are saying about Cilve, he was nobody so your brother shouldn’t be tried for killing. How do you think his family feels.

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