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Bramma – Weh Mi Do Lyrics


A weh mi do? Tell Mi weh mi do
Everyday mi get up mi is a problem to yuh

A weh mi do? Tell mi weh mi do
A true yo work fi yo own and naw beg dem nothing
Gorillas a weh mi do? Tell mi weh mi do
Mouth a fi food naw do weh yuh a do

A weh mi do? Tell mi weh mi do
Unuh go weh badmind a kill unuh

(Verse 1)
All of a sudden mi a the problem
True mi seh gorilla now and start bomb dem
You know how long mi deh yah hold it ask mi fans dem
And dem a tell selector don’t play mi songs dem
Artist badmind mi how from weh
True mi sub dem up and now it turn anthem
Me is a bwoy mi every share wid the ones dem
Naw do like some man who only tell yo weh dem can spend

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
How the hell dem a grudge mi fi mi things dem
Kotcher bwoy put tire paw mi rims dem
Mi a work fi mi skin no touch mi ribs dem
But some bwoy heart dutty like a pig pen
Shout out, Stainy, Fire Links dem
Harry hype boom, boom, dem a no drinks friend
Mi brother chino call mi seh mi fin wings dem
So mi build da one yah simple fi the kids dem

(Repeat Chorus)

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