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Fambo – Burning Up Lyrics


(Verse 1)
Gyal meck mi si yo broad out 6:30
Gyal body clean but di wining dirty
Push it up, back it up, baby girl don’t hurt mi
Flip it and dash it, and meck di wine exert mi
Mi no run joke, mi no name Eddie Merphey
Out slide and house call, mi no run nursery
Gyal dem a seh that mi bitter like a sorissy
Gyal hold mi round mi neck tight and girth mi

Burning, yuh burning, yuh burning it up
And when yuh turn it, yuh turn it, yuh turning it up
Hot like di fire
Be my Deliler
Hey girl yuh burning, yuh burning, yuh burning it up

(Verse 2)
Every girl gimmi di mad, Jay di fire
Just like di volume turn yuh up higher
Run paw yo body like road paw tire
Pretty like Beyonce, sexy like Mia
Gyal from yo si mi well yo know weh mi want
Tek mi lolly pop yah and put it inna yo draws
Use yo finger nail and kill mi wid craw
Meck mi scare yo like a Freddy Cooger and di saw

(Repeat Chorus)

(Repeat Verse 1)

(Repeat Chorus 2X)

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