Gaza Slim viral selfie

Gaza Slim is getting some unwanted publicity after a bathroom selfie she posted online gone viral.

The pic, which has since been deleted from Gaza Slim Instagram, has been making the rounds on social media because of the underwear hanging in the bathroom shower in the background.

LISTEN THIS: Vybz Kartel Ft Gaza Slim – Wickedest Ride [New Music]

The “Independent Lady” deejay has remained tight lipped about the photo but dancehall fans are going in.

“An dem say dem a hot gyal and have big bingo hang up in dem bathroom,” one fan told

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  • OsamaBinStrokin

    Who cares if they are bingo baggies as long as the punany is clean!

  • Jah Tbla

    No story here. it has now turned into a clean panty discussion

  • Rehs

    People are so stupid. She was raised well. I too wash my under wear every time I shower. That’s just how Jamaican women are raised. She should not have taken the picture down.

  • shasyl

    So what if she have ah panty in her bathroom aleast she ah wear panty unlike some dutty gal not every time ah real lady feel to wear thong and g-string.I have nuff bingo baggie.

  • Gullyprincess

    Smfh, some people too immature

  • NYC One

    There u go fly pon wall mine are black . Load of hypocrite .

  • fly pon wall

    dem fi leave the girl alone……every girl have bingo baggie especially when dem depon dem reds.

  • Kimmy

    Lol wooooiii a say dem a hot gyal. big bingo. Kartel waan see this

  • adeem

    leave the girl she a good girl she shouldnt have delete the pic nlike some a unuh skettel gal a come talk off unuh mouth she can be hot and wear any thing bet if a miley cyrus post it unuh jump and gwan dont pay them nuh mind yah gazaslim big up yo self yuh hot my friend live yo life

    • dogman

      They would mess with miley cyrus. They hurt anyone they can………..Free da worl boss