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T’Nez – Badmind Place Lyrics

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When yo name start call
Dem a start peep out
When dem start si yo name paw wall
A yo brain dem waan leek out

But a owe dem, owe dem, owe dem
Same so mi born an
None a dem never waan help when
Nothing never did a gwaan

Anyhow mi put mi foot up inna badmind place
Mi haffi step inna badmind face
Mi walk when dem a run the badmind race
Gi dem a one mile space
Cause mi find out some people no real hi no
Some people no real hi no
Mi seh mi find out some people no real hi no
Some people no real hi no

(Verse 1)
Is like mi spot dem from a mile out
Chat behind mi back when dem si mi wa dem a smile bout
Deh yah when mi pull the kyle out
But when the kyle maga down weh dem gone mi cyaa find out
An when a no Hennessy a Guiness time dem a run in like finish line
An mi si seh dem a bate, dem deh bwoy deh a bate
Mi just dash dem a fishing line

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Some people no real hi no
Caw dem si sky an a low dem a pree fi go
Some people no real hi no
Because dem waan nam yo food all when a yo last meal hi no
Some a two face an mi done seet
An dem yah people wi carry mi down deep
Don’t watch the people you laugh an talk wid
Keep yo feet paw concrete but anyhow

(Repeat Chorus)

(Repeat Intro)

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