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The Top 5 Biggest Flops At Sting 2013

3. Kiprich

Kiprich Sting

Kiprich took the stage minutes after 6 a.m. on December 27 at Jamworld, Portmore very confident.

But there were no contender brave enough to step out on the stage to clash Kippo, the new clash king.

But one hungry soldier, Black Ryno, took the stage and the rest was history. Kiprich was defeated and the former Portmore Empire deejay was instantly US$30,000 richer.

Kiprich try to blame it on an ambush but Black Ryno says he knew all about it.

Nice try Kiprich.

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  • Dancehall fan

    The only thing bad bout Kiprich is him outfit

    • Jah Tbla

      Wah gwaan wit Kippo? He looked lyk a Gorilla

  • Jah Tbla

    Shame on these losers