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Deablo – A Who Dem Lyrics

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Yow Bobby Lane, Bruk Weh, who dem?
Rose Heights, Grands Pen, who dem
12 Lane, Home Sted, who dem
We buss most head, who dem
Nobody no know dem, who dem
Nobody no fear dem, who dem
No body no hear dem, who dem

(Verse 1)
When the war start make sure yuh cyaa handle
Every man a get shot, a get trample
Caw the mouth a the eagle triangle
Bamma long from mi hip to the ankle
Gucci black from spangle
Minni K clip bend like bamboo
HK bamma shot out yo head side
Hole inna head that big like bangle

Rifle a knock, knock, head open who there
Shot the pebble swell yo fat like two bear
Shot kick up yo friend, Watch yo shit up yo self
When yo si him shit then yo start lose air
Mi no pose wid gun like suvinare
HK bamma sound like new clear
Shot bruk off yo foot inna the clarks dem
Dem look new hee, like yo just get a new pear

One voice, dem a no badman
Two a wi to one order, one dan
Weh yuh know bout bulbi and neshamiller bun man buba
Ken, ken, drop man
Cocktopie a mad man
Blacker and rado no chop man
Feather just get a brand new rifle from hong kong
The nazzle big like wash pon

Some man only bad when dem bun coke
Wi no laugh wid people, no run joke
Mack 90 when diddy dan fire
That burn up yo skin meck yo smell like burn pork
Bare gun powder, gun smoke
Watch yo friend dem a run like young goat
Tell yo mother Mummy don’t run mi naw kill yo
But watch while mi buss yo son throat

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
None a dem cyaa style mi
No mi a no duppy bat
Could a 30 a dem, wid 30 strap
Cyaa kick wii like soccer ball
Not at all
Da, da, dan, wi head hot like a dutchry pot
The clutchy back fat like a gully rat
Si yo big pretty house and cyaa touch hi back
When wi go fi bwoy, wi no go fi chat
45 swell yo face like yo get a dozen box
Berita double cap meck yo brain bunny hop
Man a walk wid rifle like curry cat
Have mi gun no haffi send bwoy fi puzzle that
Copper shot yellow up yo skin like mi curry that
Straight see no bwoy cyaa bad up wid chat
Yo mad, man a walk wid the nuff clip glock
Head buss inna face ever fu**king chop
No talk wi people, no chit chat

(Repeat Chorus)

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