Usain Bolt Stars As Entire Family In Virgin Media Ad [VIDEO]


Usain Bolt Virgin Media ad

Meet Usain Bolt the entire family in this new Virgin Media advertisement.

The Jamaican sprint legend plays the characters of himself, his wife, his son, his father and his baby. Yes all those characters are Usain Bolt.

Virgin Media reportedly spent millions of pounds on the new ad campaign that sees the Bolt clan showing what they can do with super fast internet.

Usain Bolt family virgin media ad

“The growth of in-home devices is increasing exponentially, as such, customers rely on their network more and more to deliver a seamless experience,” Richard Larcombe, brand and marketing director at Virgin Media, said.

Usain Bolt baby

“Usain brings the ads to life with his brilliant portrayal of an unforgettable Virgin Media family,” Larcombe added.

Look closely and you will see the yellow yam in the basket on the counter.

Usain Bolt has also done ads for Comcast as his super fast twin Insane Bolt.

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  • Yardie

    Them start clown Usain Bolt now. why is he dressed as a women. smh

    • Jesus m

      Has nothing to do with you

  • ras

    not the dress man! guess he never watch dave chappelle

    • ras

      the only black comedian that never wear a dress

  • NYC One

    Every play this commercial plays he makes money .Good for him .

  • Carl Grant

    satan using this soul to dress like a woman to promote ,it okay for a man to dress like a woman. god wealth that human being claim is their. satan work.bolto selling his soul for money. nake we came and nake we leave god wealth.

  • Carl Grant

    plants, animals, vegetables, all produce, two men sexually does not produce, only produce disease.

  • Alyn

    Carl grant you TWAT…learn how to write and spell you ass….long live the devil