Ninja Man and Twin of Twins

Dancehall comedic duo Twin Of Twins drop the long awaited video for the single “Up Wid Di Money.”

The short film music video starts out with songs by Sizzla and I-Octane. The video saw a cameo from Ninja Man as the real Don Gorgon, I-Octane, Macka Diamond, Demarco, Mr. Lexx and more.

At the start of the video there is a caption that reads:

“The following film/song is based on real circumstances faced by real people trapped in poverty and uncertainty which leads more often than not to them becoming disillusioned by the cycle they are caught up in, even if by their own ignorance, and how it takes them to the edge and sometimes push them over.

Watch the video below.

  • Olivia Goodtostay Grant

    lolololololol I love this video

  • Dancehall fan

    Sick video Twins of Twins wi need more creativity like this inna dancehall


    best video i see in a long time i rate dis bad bad bad video

  • Maurice Thompson

    Yo dis bad del.