Chi Ching Ching – Jah Jah Love Lyrics


Jah jah love Chi Ching Ching
Pagans grow Chi Ching Ching
All dem a get up an a fuss an a fight
And nah give thanks an praise to di king king
Jah jah guide Chi Ching Chind
Stand beside Chi Ching Ching
Pagans no waan si mi rise
Dem waan si mi fall but mi nah stop hail di king

(Verse 1)
Richie bank in a everything mi haffi do mi best
Haffi do mi best must more couldn’t less
Done bar special so mi know seh mi bless
Mi just meck a link wid best a di best
When mi clean an come out if a no di crep a di vest
Cause di party a keep an mi a special guest
Every girl come around waan meck a request
And a tell mi seh mi songs a di sickest

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
First thing if a fi dem mi wouldn’t buss long time
Mi wouldn’t run di place long time
The clock pon mi hand it a tell mi seh a my time
So dem couldn’t stop my shine
Caw mi seh mi clean to mi heart caw mi no bad mind
Heading to di top an mi never stop climb
Life is a road full allot a stop sign
So if haters a hate that’s fine

(Repeat Chorus)

(Repeat Verse 1)

(Repeat Chorus 2X)