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Chan Dizzy – Good Love Lyrics

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Meck mi gi yo some good love
Meck yo talk bout that an yuh no want no stop

Meck mi gi yo some good love
Meck wi bounce an rock
Crazy love nun stop

Meck mi gi yo some good love
Turn yuh on like mi car in a bed room war

Meck mi gi yo some good love
Meck mi gi yo some good love

(Verse 1)
Hey mi waan link up whenever yuh cold
Drive through yo land like bay root
Naturallt charge fi touch gyal
Mi no haffi under Appleton are gray ghoose
All ways wan fi deh near yuh
Wi love hotter than late June
Higher destiny fi mi fi set yuh free
Girl yuh no si yo man just waan fi contain yuh
When yuh pose like tray douse
Real gyallis wi stay true
Wi no play lose
Wi style meck gyal behave rude
An left dem in a grate mood
No sah naw follow some lame youth
Wa a treat dem woman like grape fruit
Love gyal hard meck dem feel like di place move
Gyal step in a my room

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Gyal from yo come a my yard better no shy
Get ready fi di best yuh ever get a yo life
Mi a go deal wid yuh wicked wid di stuff an no mine
No stopping no care how yuh beg an a cry
Yeh girl close yo eye picture this
Youre bed room two a wi in a it
Ready now meck wi meck babies
Open up an seh ahh fi yuh dentist
Wine up fi di DJ
MI deal wid it seriously middle east way
Yo know mi no go two gyal mi no cheap play
Mi go hard like mi fresh from brizzle beach bay
Catch it sit down no nun at all
Wi no boring at all
Wi no boring at all
From yuuh seh yo ready fi a wicked touch
Don’t itch gyal bring it come

(Repeat Chorus)

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