Tommy Lee Sparta

Tommy Lee Sparta no longer a member of the Gaza

Another prominent member of the Vybz Kartel lead Gaza has severed ties with the group.

New Music: Tommy Lee Ft. Destiny, Tabeta Cshae & Stylish – Real Bad Gyal

Mobay deejay Tommy Lee has officially left the group to form his own label Guzu Musiq Records.

Sources close to the label exclusively told Urban Islandz that Tommy Lee has already signed three local female acts.”

“The new label Guzu Musiq is live and direct, and we have three local female acts name Destiny, Tabeta Cshae and Stylish,” the source told Urban Islandz.

“Tommy Lee just release a new song name ‘Real Bad Gyal’ featuring all three ladies,” the source continues.

Tommy Lee SParta 1

The source also told us Tommy Lee will be signing Trinidad based upcoming Dancehall/Hip Hop artist name Jr. Dillinger and is looking to sign a few acts from the U.K.

Gaza slim is currently the only remaining member left in the Gaza.

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Tommy Lee SParta 5

  • Prince Fable

    at least gaza slim still loyal

  • Kevaughn Simms

    seh dem a gangster them a nuh nobody #badmine dem a try sell out addi #use him own words and kill him.

  • Silver Haron

    Tommy betrays the Gaza Boss.

  • Gully Shot King

    Popcaan dah d boss

  • Rfg Ttrk

    Any additions fo di Gaza?

  • Jimnah Deevaj Addi T

    u dd great man, world boss waz using u man.

  • Masal Vin

    where in this world doez one diss his father? I HATE SPARTA.

  • G.t. Jay

    smart move by tommy lee sparta, gaza slim should do the same.

  • Kudakwashe Mutemachani

    It still sounds like Gaza.

  • Vincent Treasure

    bwoy people change like the season.

  • Vincent Treasure

    bwoy people change like the season.

  • Shatta Don Wazzy

    wat tommy lee mi lose respek fi yuh,, batty bwoy mi neva tink u can duh such a ting bumbuclat.

  • Derrick Lee Ross

    thz guy made a was decision, he 2 has betrayed di gaza boss, how owful 4 di boss.

  • Tommy Kams Sparta

    Tommy Lee Wagwaan is a great bwoy who should have his group. BIG UP

  • Magnito Mesay

    all tha best in ur new group may it succeed……

  • Khemcial Peace-Squad Baker

    Big up yuh self tommy lee smart move.

  • Kamiah Angel

    Only the captain goes down with the ship ppl, the crew joins the pa$$engers in the life boats, thumbs up tommy lee, dis iz 2013 we int playin nah role in titanic.

  • Carl Grant


  • Ryan Frixie Shiva

    why all dis happening to d teacher men….is it coz is in jail dats betray men…….dis is he always sing in his song…but we funs neva change me still gaza fii life.

  • Rêïvåx Vêñdêttå Çöx

    Which ra$$ part a dis seh him leff di Gaza? Innuh gullible yuh fret.

  • Aleed Sniper Cashflow Williams

    hmmm can’t wait to see when di world boss come back, fire for yall.

  • Tsuro Claudios

    we fans no betray the world boss, no judas deny the dj.

  • Tsuro Claudios

    we fans no betray the world boss, no judas deny the dj.

    • Knowlegde Noshto Ncube


  • Morris Mabasa

    both Tommy Lee and Popcaan got fame bcoz of di Worldboss. You have now betrayed him coz he is in jail. Kudos Gaza Slim, and Addi is the Hero.

  • Thomez Tumenta

    Nyammy lee, a big tym eadiat. eem did di chune name “betray di Gaza Ba$$” an yet eem a di wan tekin a leave, smaddy ago do same fi di dawg face batty bwoy.

  • Khristian Montoya

    dem betray di gaza bosss.

  • Khristian Montoya

    dem betray di gaza bosss.

  • Khristian Montoya

    dem betray di gaza bosss.

  • Coolie Blood

    next sell out.

  • Coolie Blood

    next sell out.